300 A1 Maggots (1 packet) Packed in Peat Moss

300 A1 Maggots (1 packet) Packed in Peat Moss Express Delivered

Product details

Our A1 maggots (Calliphora Stygia) Blow Fly Maggots are packed in peat moss, peat moss gives them an extended life and both last a lot longer refrigerated between 3 to 5 degrees C. These maggots are grown on waste fish products that makes them very appealing to fish such as trout , carp, garfish, bream, tommy ruff ect. There are aproximately 300 maggots per packet.
THIS PRICE INCLUDES 1 PACKET OF MAGGOTS packed peat moss delivered anywhere in AUSTRALIA (EXCEPT WA & N.T. )via Australia express post. POSTING DAYS MONDAY & TUESDAY AT A1 WE ALL FISH Sorry no pick ups
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