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Fishing bait worms are the most popular bait in the world used by millions of fathers sons and daughters to catch all types of fish including fresh and salt water species. There are many different species of bait worms starting with the most popular the European Night Crawler a tough fat fishing worm that can grow out to 15 cm long, is firm to touch and has to be virtually pulled of the hook with a fair force.

The second is the Scrub Worm found in deep loamy soils around creeks and rivers and eats decaying leaf litter and can not be bred in captivity not like the European Night Crawler.

The third is the flat tail pasture worm which we name the flat tail worm that originated from Europe and may have first been introduced by Captain Cook and the first fleet in pot plants and young trees,this worm in Australia is a seasonal worm due to our long dry summer season.

The fourth is the black nosed earth worm mainly found in Tasmania and grows out to about 16 cm long and is a deep burrower to escape dry periods.

The fifth is the Murray Cod Worm which is also a deep burrower and has a side winding action and can move extremely fast when temperatures exceed 20 Degrees C and can also grow quite large up to 18 cm long.

The sixth is the African Night Crawler which is actually classed as a tropical compost worm that is also a fishing bait worm but is only recommended to use in the warmer months of the year and is a little softer but can grow out to 20 cm long .

All these live fishing bait worms are available on our website at www.a1baitsupplies.com.au and can be Express posted to your door and we also have a range of floating and sinking trout pellets, Bardi bites that Murray Cod can not resist plus Compost Worms and worm farms and lots more so when you need fishing bait worms delivered to your door anywhere in Australia but you are worried about them arriving alive and on time please read through our testimonials and these are genuine comments from some of our now repeat customers.

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