Trout Bait Dough Flat Pack 150 grams

Trout Bait Dough 150 grams Delivered by standard mail

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Trout dough is the best way to catch trout in most stocked lakes and impoundments as these impoundments are stocked by fisheries that raise or purchase these trout from trout farms and these trout are raised on trout pellets. Trout are attracted to the popping sound of trout pellets when thrown onto the water and they relate this sound to feed time for the rest of their life. So we are offering 150 Grams of trout dough in a resealable zip bag that thaws out fast and can be refrozen for that next fishing trip and it is made from these trout pellets and makes up over 30 baits . First sight a fish or rise and burley with A1 Floating Trout Pellets using the A1 Bait Thrower then cast your dough out under a bubble with a short leader in the same spot, use a small hook that will be covered completely by your dough. I have personally caught many big trout in the Eildon Pondage one brown trout 4kg using this method and when you return home simply refreeze your dough for longer life for your next fishing trip. ( Comment from a purchaser of this product Brilliant products! Premium quality dough! Caught two fish already! Trout Bait Pack 1/2 Kg Trout Pellets, 300 Grams Trout Dough Plus Pellet Thrower $29.95 AT A1 WE ALL FISH
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