Mudeye Live Coutas x 36

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Live Coutas x 36 delivered express post to your door.

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Live Coutas x 36 Mudeye express delivered to your door anywhere in Australia EXCEPT TASMANIA DUE TO QUARANTINE LAWS They are delivered in a 5 litre eski and a cooler bottle and if you think this deal is expensive we allow $25 for express post plus $5 for the Poly box and GST is $4.54 and Pay Pal Commision is $1.25 so $35.55 are the total costs so you are actually paying around 40 cents per mudeye. These Couta dragon fly larver are the best way to catch trout suspended under a running clear bubble that we sell in our fishing accesories section and a pre waxed light line using a small mudeye hook that we also sell.Have your rod parrallel to the water (not up in the air) and your spool OPEN (not closed) and pre wax your line all the way to the bubble (but not the leader) that way the trout will not drop the mudeye or bite it in half as you will have minimised the drag , after the trout takes a couple of metres of line then sink the hook. NO PICK UPS DUE TO COVID
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