A1 Mudeye Clear Running Bubbles x 3 sizes

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A1 Clear Running Bubbles small, medium & large (WILL ONLY BE SENT WITH ANY BAIT ORDER TO SAVE ON FREIGHT)

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These Mudeye Clear Running Bubbles (WILL ONLY BE SENT WITH ANY BAIT ORDER TO SAVE ON FREIGHT) they are the best running bubble to suspend mud eye (dragon fly larva) from as it can be weighted down by part filling this bubble with water to make casting easier and further. These bubbles allow the line to pass through the bubbles middle pin so the trout does not feel any resistance and a added advantage is to wax your line all the way to the bubble to allow the line to float as this reduces more resistance on the trouts mouth and prevents the trout from breaking your mudeye in half or dropping it altogether. Another advantage is to position your rod parralel to the water (not facing into the sky) to also let the line out faster and of course leave your bale arm on your reel open. INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE PRICE ARE THESE 3 BUBBLE FLOATS 1 LARGE 60mm long, 40mm wide, 1 MEDIUM 40mm long, 30mm wide, AND 1 SMALL 30mm long, 20mm wide. This price includes GST . AT A1 WE ALL FISH
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