European Night Crawler Eggs and Young x 1000 (Eisenia Hortensis)

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1000 European Night Crawler Eggs and Young, Delivery is included via Australia Post express post.

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1000 European Night Crawler Eggs and newly born baby euros delivered via Australia Express Post anywhere in Australia ( except W.A. ). These capsules are from European Night Crawlers and hatch from 42 days onwards at an average temperature of 20 degrees C, and have 1 young per per egg and they are suitable for Fishing, Worm farms, Compost heaps and outside garden beds. They can grow up to 15cm long (not stretched ) and we have grown them out to 13 grams, thats one huge Euro and overseas they are known as the best compost worm available as they can consume large amounts of waste and tolerate extreme temperatures from 1 deg C up to 34 deg C. sorry no pick ups
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