Euros x 100 Breeder Worm Box Express Delivered

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Euros x 100 Breeder Worm Box Express Delivered

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The Euro Breeder Worm Box comes with 100 European Night Crawlers (eisenia hortensis) plus our Euro Worm Breeding Mix with inbuilt air vents to allow good air flow. These mature worms will breed very fast and before you know it you will have egg capsules everywhere, just store at room temperature with a weight on the lid and the worms will do the rest.Includes delivery via Australia Express Post anywhere in Australia ( except N.T.& W.A.) When you receive your breeder box undo the tape take the lid of, take out the cooler bottle replace the lid and put a weight on top of the lid to stop the worms from squeezing out then just leave them in the box for 3 weeks (do not feed) in a area where it is not to hot around 20 deg C is the best then tip out the worms and eggs into a worm farm or worm bed and cover and keep moist and you will have baby euros in around 6 weeks. PICK UPS are now available by appointment only at BAIT AT THE GATE AT YARCK. phone 0429998732
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