A1 Bait Worms x 2 packets (60 A1s)


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A1 Bait Worms (European Nightcrawlers) have a packaged shelf life of up to 3 months refrigerated at aprox 5 deg C. They are an extremely tough worm that are used for ice fishing in Canada and tolerate temperatures from 1 deg C up to 30 deg C.

I have personally caught many salt and freshwater fish such as grass and King George whiting, bream, flathead and mullet as well as Brown and Rainbow Trout, Silver Perch, Redfin,Yellow belly ,Carp and Murray Cod on these fantastic worms. We named them A1 Bait Worms because as the name says they are A1.
Unlike some other species of worms A1 Bait Worms are a very thick and tough worm that fish find harder to get off the hook plus when casting they stay on the hook. INCLUDED IS 2 PACKETS OF A1 BAIT WORMS (30 plus worms per packet ) Express posted anywhere in Australia plus eski box and GST is included (except W.A.due to Quarantine) with a frozen cooler bottle in the warmer months. POSTING DAY TUESDAY Sorry no pick ups AT A1 WE ALL FISH
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