A1 trout aniseed flavoured dough x 4 packets

4 Packets of 300 grams of A1 Aniseed flavoured trout dough Express delivered Australia Wide.

Product details

A1 Trout Aniseed flavoured dough is made up from trout pellets that are fed to trout in most trout farms around the country from day one. Other doughs do not have the distinct flavour of the original trout pellet plus we have added aniseed that trout are attracted to so this makes our dough irresistible to most trout. I have personally caught many large trout in the Eildon pondage and other impoundments around Victoria and these trout are raised on these trout pellets that our dough is made from. The best method to attract trout is to berley with our trout pellets then cast our trout dough under a bubble in the same area. We are offering 8 packets of 300 grams of trout aniseed dough Express delivered anywhere in Australia.
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