300 A1 Maggots (1 Packet) (with bran)

300 A1 Maggots (1 Packet) Express delivered

Product details

These A1 maggots (Calliphora Stygia) Blow Fly Maggots last a lot longer refrigerated between 3 to 5 degrees C. These maggots are grown on waste fish products that makes them very appealing to fish such as trout , carp, garfish, bream, tommy ruff ect. There are aproximately 300 maggots per packet.
THIS PRICE INCLUDES 1 PACKETS OF MAGGOTS (with bran) and are delivered anywhere in AUSTRALIA (EXCEPT WA & N.T. )via Australia express post. POSTING DAYS MONDAY & TUESDAY AT A1 WE ALL FISH Sorry no pick ups
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