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  • Trout Pellets 20 Kilo ( 5 mm floating type)

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    Skretting 20 Kilo of 5 mm Floating Trout Pellets are very popular in aquaculture and trout do extremely well on them as our rainbow trout gain kilo for kilo on them .We have to stand well back from the edge as they get so excited when we are feeding them that we would get soaked.This product includes GST andfreight is via Australia Standard Post including tracking anywhere inAustraliaFREIGHT IS EXTRAAND IS CALCULATED BY STATE TO BE DELIVERED TO.PLEASE EMAIL FOR SIZE OF PELLET YOU REQUIRESpectra FF

    Pellet size (mm) 5

    Fish size (g) 100-400

    Crude protein (%)45

    Crude lipid (%) 23

    Carbohydrate (%)18.5

    Moisture (%)7

    Ash (%)6.5

    Total phosphorous (%) 1.0

    Digestible energy (MJ) 20.4

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