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  • Peat Moss Professional 50 Gram Sample Pack

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    Product details

    THIS IS A 50 GRAM SAMPLE of our 250 Litre Bale of Brill Peat Moss and this sample is to show the quality of Brill Professional peat and it is a natural organic soil conditioner that helps to regulate moisture and air around plant roots for ideal growing conditions. This product is custom designed for horticulture applications such as potting,propagation and container substrate use. BENEFITS OF USE Saves water- Peat can retain more than its weight in moisture , and releases water slowly as the plant requires it. Aids in plant root growth by loosening and aerating soils. Peat moss reduces leaching of nutrients in soil Chemical & Physical Characteristics

    Description Method Typical Guaranteed Unit

    Composition: 100% white peat (H3-H5)

    Structure: fine, 0-5mm 0 - 5 mm

    Organic Mass 97.0 to be reported %

    Water capacity 900 to be reported g/100g org. mass

    Decomposition, acc to Post H3 - H5

    pH Value, CaCl2 Max 4.0

    Salt content Max 0.4 g/l

    Nitrogen, N Max 30 mg/l

    Phosphorus, P2O5 Max 50 mg/l

    Potassium, K2O Max 40 mg/l


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