A1 Red Fin Soft Plastic Lure x 1

A1 Red Fin Soft Plastic Lure delivery included Australia Wide

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A1Red Fin Soft Plastic Lures are extremely effective in catching large redfin as this species is very canabalistic, i once caught a 3 kilo red fin at lake Eppaloc which had a 350 gram redfin inside it and this 350 gram reddie had a baby redfin inside it, i could not beleive my eyes. GST and delivery included. 1 / 11 Gram Soft Plastic Red Fin lure.
In ideal colours for redfin fishing, made to imitate a young redfin.
The perfect lure to tempt redfin when they are being fussy on regular lures.
Gold / green upper colours with black stripes, red painted pectoral fin and tail with silvery / white underneath.
Perfect weight for long distance casting, short distance is also not a problem at 11 grams.

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